What do we do?

ALTIN KUNEFE is proud to present the Kanafehs which are produced by using natural local products of Hatay to the liking of our country.Our guests who visited Hatay were greeted with our delicious kanafeh. The demand of our guests encourages us to provide better service. We would like to express our gratitude to our guests who prefer ALTIN KUNEFE.ALTIN KUNEFE has moved its production center to Istanbul and established a 4 storey facility with 1250 m2 closed area.By increasing its production capacity, it has started to export to European countries and America as well as our country.We do not compromise on the application of hygienic rules. ALTIN KUNEFE has received ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certificates of quality. We are proud to present the “Kanafeh delicacy of Hatay” to you.

1. We offered Künefe to the land where it was born with the difference of flavor, we reached all the Hataylılar…
2. We also helped disseminate our country to the whole of our borders by bringing our honey künefe to love, not only to those living in Hatay but also to those who came to visit. We have opened new doors in the introduction of our Künefe…
3. We have not forgotten those who could not come to our city and taste our künefemesi .. We have started künefe sales with the difference of Taste to the whole country with the sales we made through the Internet and telephone…
4. establish a wider network in cooperation with the ready-made product sales business, which is another way to reach consumers have spread to Turkey ...
We are ready to develop the boundaries of our product distribution ring with you who want to buy dealership or you want to be our wholesaler.

It exports to nearly 50 countries of the world, including Germany, United States of America, Canada, Arabia, United Arab Emirates, China, England, Kuwait, Norway, Romania, Singapore, Oman and Kazakhstan.

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