After being baked, Altin Kanafeh is packed with the freezing method.
How to prepare:Heat in the microwave, on a teflon pan or in the oven until cheese becomes loose. Serve by pouring hot syrup you prepared in advance.


It is packed after being freezed with the Quick Freezing (W/o Baking) Method.How to prepare: Unpack the shredded dough and place it on a tray without waiting it to be thawed and bake in preheated (250°C) oven until it turns golden brown. (5-10 minutes). Pour the warm syrup you prepared in advance and serve with ice-cream or regular cream. Or alternatively, you can prepare the shredded dough on a baking tray over heat or fry it on teflon pan on both sides.How to prepare the syrup: Boil 100 g (2 cups of) granulated sugar, 50 g (1 cup of) water for 1-2 minutes and pour over the hot kanafeh you prepared in advance.

Hatay ALTIN KUNEFE in its moden and hygenic production facility
Freezed with Quick Freezing Method (W./o baking)
Presented to you in the packages of Single serving
2 servings
4 servings
8 serving
And 10 Servings.


Künefe Gram Portion Parcel Palette Pallet Weight
Bag 130 gr 1 Portion 24 piece 64 parcel (1536 piece) 256 kg
Box 430 gr 2 Portion 32 piece 80 parcel (2560 piece) 600 kg

Pallet Size: 80 x 120 x 1.60

Do not freeze flaky pastry after you open the package!
There is absolutely no lard oil or its derivatives in its products.
It does not contain food additives, chemicals and soy protein.